Surprisingly they leave the studio together: Men and Women will start with a twist

Surprisingly, they leave the studio together: Men and Women will start with a twist; what happened in the first registration.

There are exactly 15 days left for the start of a new, highly anticipated edition of Men and women. On September 19, 2022, what has now been a fixed appointment for years for the viewers of Canale 5. New stories, new acquaintances and, we hope, the birth of new loves. But what happened in the first recordings?

Men and Women (Instagram Credits)

As every year, even for this edition the episodes will be recorded a few days before the broadcast on Channel 5. Thanks to the previews, however, we can know in advance what happened in the studio. And we can confirm that it was really a start with a bang! First discussions, twists and even one first outing of a couple! Let’s find out who it is.

Men and women leave the studio together: it happened in the first recording of the new edition

Men and women is about to return to the air with the formula adopted for some years: classic throne and over throne are united in a single, maxi episode. An episode where everyone interacts with everyone and already during the first recording there were important ‘interactions’. As anticipated by the Men and Women Classic and Over page, Riccardo Guarnieri, formerly of Ida, will declare, or rather will confirm, his interest in Federica Aversano, who returns as a tronista. Will the knight of the Over throne leave his place to pass among the suitors of the Classic throne? We’ll see…

In the meantime, speaking of throne Over, there is a sensational news. A couple will leave the studio together during the first episode that we will see on the air! As anticipated by the page managed by Lorenzo Pugnaloni, it will be Sara, former flame of Biagio, to greet the show, in the company of the knight Davide. According to what is learned, the two would have heard and met during the summer and, after some discussions, they decided to leave the program together. For further details, of course, it will be necessary to wait for the broadcast of the episode. But the surprises regarding the Over throne did not end here …

Among the ladies we will find the beloved Ida Platano, who after several clashes with Riccardo, will recover the relationship with another old flame. This is Alessandro Vicinanza, the knight from Salerno whom you frequented for a while during the past edition. The two went out together and even kissed: a twist that Armando did not like, who criticized his friend Ida and had a hard fight with Alessandro.

men and women leave the studio
Throne Over (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

In short, we will see some good ones from the beginning! Appointment on Monday September, at the usual time of 2:45 pm, for the beginning of a new journey in the name of love.