Surrogate motherhood, Francesca Pascale: “It is an act of generosity”

Berlusconi’s ex-girlfriend: “He was a leader, there’s a difference between him and Meloni

“The right, especially this one, foments these issues to scare people, especially the less informed. Surrogacy is an act of generosity”. This was stated by the lgbtq+ activist Francesca Pascale, Silvio Berlusconi’s ex-companion, to Otto e mezzo on La7.

“There is in vitro fertilization, which is not paid for. Let us stop thinking of surrogacy as an act against humanity, an abomination, it has the same right and respect as abortion. Anyone who does not agree, as with the abortion, she simply does not use it. A woman who has the possibility of making a couple happy who does not have the possibility of having a child makes a gesture of generosity. I always hear people say that it is against nature, but it was many years ago also the transplant. The issue of rights belongs to everyone regardless of the vote at the polls. We must not make civil rights a matter of political teams”.

“Regardless of everything, Berlusconi was a leader, there is a difference between him and Meloni. Berlusconi had empathy, charisma, determination, he brought very rare values ​​to politics as a whole. This is not why I’m rooting for Meloni to fail, it would mean wishing it to all of Italy. I wonder who will be alongside in Europe. The liberal right of the English conservatives or the right of Orban?”, he added.

“I have always recognized” in Berlusconi “a strong attraction towards freedom. He is a liberal who has never had references to fascism or homophobic positions. I was surprised by the alliance with parties nostalgic for fascism such as Meloni’s and those who made racist utterances like Salvini. I have always had disagreements with Berlusconi for his allies, with heated discussions, but from here to consider his positions close to sovereign and homophobic ideals, I find it hard to imagine it”.

“The LGBTQ+ community this week – he stressed – has suffered unworthy attacks from Meloni’s men. They have compared the rape of a child to the creation of a child. Is this for constructive dialogue or just for their electoral campaign?”, she wondered. to then add: ” The fact that the lgbtq+ community is small does not mean that the problem is not bigger, it is not only homosexuals but cultural. I would like our children to grow up with an education to respect everyone, regardless of sexuality”.

The “battles for civil rights – remarked Pascale- are not carnivals; I share the carnivals halfway, but it doesn’t mean that they reflect everyone. The goal is that the whole of society perceives homosexuality as heterosexuality. There we feel discriminated against because we choose to love a person of the same sex: aberrant for a democratic state like the Italian one.”