Surrogate motherhood, Roccella: “I hope wide convergence”. Pd bowls the law

The Minister of the Family to Adnkronos: “Those who are against the exploitation of women cannot fail to join this battle”

On the bill that aims to make the surrogacy “universal crime”. “I expect everyone to converge. Many of the demonstrators in Milan also said they were against surrogate uterus anyway. Many people made this distinction between automatic transcripts (of children of same-sex couples, ed.) and condemnation of the surrogate uterus”. The Minister for the Family and Equal Opportunities, Eugenia Roccella, interviewed on the sidelines of the work in the Senate, told Adnkronos.

“I expect a broad convergence” on the Fdi measure and hinged today in the Justice Commission in the Chamber, “also from the left, from everyone”, underlines the exponent of the Meloni government. “This – remarked Roccella – is truly a battle of civilization in which those who are against the exploitation of women, especially those in need, cannot fail to join”.

PD – “We have a position of opposition” to surrogacy “and there are no proposals that could suggest a desire for legalization on our part”. The Pd group leader, Debora Serracchiani, makes it clear. But having said that, she points out she, the proposed law on surrogacy presented by Fratelli d’Italia “technically doesn’t stand still”.

“You cannot establish that it is a universal crime, you have to take into account that there are also European countries where it is legal. How do you establish that parents must be arrested the moment they set foot in Italy?”.

“This fury for punishment tout court must take into account that these are very delicate issues that touch people’s lives and you can’t deal with everything in the penal code. This punitive fury is as terrible as the non-transcription of the children who already exist. If they want making people invisible to solve problems for us -he concludes- is unacceptable”.

“I can say what I think and I believe that the vast majority of Democratic Party voters think like me, I am clearly against surrogacy. Schlein? I don’t know, I don’t think she has expressed herself on this. I am clearly against. I am in favor of adoption by homosexuals and even singles”, the words of Stefano Bonaccini in Tagadà.

THIRD POLE – “I am very opposed to gestation for others, because it is a modern form of exploitation of women,” Raffaella Paita, president of Azione-Italia Viva in the Senate, tells Radio too on Radio1.

“We are a political force – explains the senator from the Third Pole – which has worked for the recognition of homosexual rights, for civil unions, as demonstrated by all the things that the Renzi government has done. But on the gpa, I say it clearly , I am very against it. We must be firm in defense of women’s rights”.