Survey: More than half of consumers do not buy from unethical companies

The results of a Trustpilot survey

The company’s sense of environmental responsibility, respect for workers’ rights and respect for animals determine the choices of those who buy. This is what emerges from a new survey by Trustpilot, an online review platform, which investigated local shoppers to understand which company positions are incompatible with their way of thinking and to understand which ethical factors influence shopping experiences.

Trustpilot asked what aspects of the company’s operations they would like to consider when purchasing a product. It emerges that the main element is the company’s sense of environmental responsibility, which includes the use of sustainable materials in their productions, an essential aspect for 87.3% of the interviewees. It follows respect for human and workers rights at 87% and respect for animals at 85%. A step further down is the attention that the company reserves to customer data protection 83.8% and one clear stance of the brand on the issue of civil liberties (79.4%). The tax regularity of the company remains important for 75.9%, doing trade in a fair and solidary way for 74.8% and promoting diversity and inclusion for 73%.

Over half of the respondents (53.5%) reveal that they are unwilling to buy from unethical companies, for 30.6% the question is irrelevant for the purpose of their purchase, while the rest of the interviewees say they are indifferent to it. Not only that, 44% of respondents are encouraged to buy from those who treat their employees and all other people with respect, 42.4% are encouraged to choose a brand when it transparently communicates the actions it takes and their impact. on the planet and society, 27.9% favor companies that take strong positions on social, political and environmental issues instead of avoiding exposure and 25.5% give credit to brands that implement ambitious strategies with a concrete and lasting impact to create a better future.

The importance of business ethics within the customer journey represents a valid discourse in every area but has a particular value in the fashion sector. According to a recent Trustpilot survey with London Research, four out of five consumers would stop buying from a fashion brand that has proved to be devoid of ethical standards. Italy proves to be the most attentive country in this sense: compared to an average of 82%, in Italy it is 92% of the interviewees who would stop buying from a brand or a fashion retailer if they found that they do not respect such standards.

“The ethics of a brand is essential and plays a fundamental role in customer loyalty or in his estrangement – he comments Claudio Ciccarelli, Trustpilot Country Manager in Italy – Nowadays, those who show themselves close to the consumer, those who listen to them and demonstrate transparency towards them, towards employees and towards the environment, are rewarded, concretely putting into practice what they say in words. Brands are under observation more than ever and only those who prove sincere in their social and environmental commitment will be able to enjoy the trust of their buyers “.