Survivors, the film with Denis Menochet in cinemas from March 7th

It arrives in Italian cinemas from March 7, distributed by No. Mad Entertainmentthe thriller “Survivors” by Guillaume Renusson starring the star Denis Menochet (As Bestas, Peter Van Kant, Foster Care), with Tsar Amir Ebrahimi (Holy Spider, Shayda) And Victoire Du Bois (Petites, Call me by your name), supported by Luca Terracciano And Oscar Copp.

Winner of the XXI edition of the RIFF – Rome Independent Film Festivalthe film marks the directorial debut of the young Renusson, who convinced the French public and critics thanks to the mix of genres at the service of a human and political message.

This captivating, minimalist and radical thriller is both about mourning through the story of reconstruction and healing of a broken man, and about migrants who have left everything in the hope of a better life through the portrait of a courageous and determined woman.

the plot of the movie

After a serious road accident, in which his wife lost her life, Samuel, in full mental and physical rehabilitation, feels the need to be alone and decides to return to his chalet in the heart of the Italian Alps. One night, a young woman enters his chalet to take refuge from the snowstorm. She is a foreigner and wants to reach France by crossing the mountains. Samuel doesn’t want to get into her trouble, but faced with this extremely dangerous situation, he decides to help her. He does not imagine that beyond the hostility of nature, he will have to face the wickedness of Man…