Sustainability, a platform for recycling from Nestlé Italia

“As a food company we are faced with both regulatory and relationship complexity with various stakeholders, but these difficulties have allowed us to build even magical stories because the difficulties have turned into challenges and the challenges have been overcome thanks to the creation of an ecosystem with the involvement of several actors “. Thus Marta Schiraldi, Safety, Health, Environment and Sustainability Head of the Nestlé Italy Group, in her speech at the 6th edition of the Sustainability Forum at the Adnkronos Information Building in Rome.

With respect to waste management, for example, and therefore to the separate collection of packaging, “we were faced with a certain confusion”. Hence the search for a digital solution. “We thought of designing an Italian platform called ‘Dove Lo Butto?’, Which can be downloaded both on a PC and on a mobile phone: thanks to an automatic geolocation and a database construction we are able to cover more than 90% of the Italian municipalities “, explains.

The platform “helps consumers, based on where they are, to understand where to deliver the packs. Launched two years ago, it was also a way to address the issue of environmental labeling by offering information on the composition of the pack materials directly from the platform. . And it also allowed us to create an editorial section with the whole story of a product’s sustainability “.