Sustainability at the center with concrete solutions for the territories, the last stage of Netwap in Padua

A path that has put sustainability and environmental protection at the center through the experimentation of concrete projects and solutions directly on the territories. This is the Netwap project which ended yesterday with a conference in Padua at the headquarters of the Fenice Green Energy Foundation (Park Lungargine Rovetta 28). The day of work began with an overview of the project and the results obtained. Two representatives of Enea also took part in the meeting and illustrated the monitoring of the composting plants and the environmental and economic value of the project.

In the following, then, there was a focus on the importance of an innovative waste methodology for small communities and the case history of the Municipality of Fossalto. And finally a further case study was brought regarding the island of Isto, in Croatia, where a highly technological and specialized monitoring of marine debris was tested. This final conference summarized the pillars of the Netwap project which in recent months has addressed the issues concerning potential environmental damage and proposes solutions to improve the quality of the marine and terrestrial environment in the territories of the Italy-Croatia cooperation area, through the ” increasing the awareness, skills, know-how and decision-making autonomy of local communities towards a sustainable waste management methodology and a system based on innovative technologies and procedures.

Specifically, the project involved the development, verification and validation of a municipal-level strategy and a waste management model in tune with the EU waste hierarchy and with the principles of the circular economy. A project that does not represent a point of arrival, but a starting point for applying the methodologies tested and which work in other territories.