Sustainability, Data Art installation by Mundys in Fiumicino to raise awareness among travellers

The work created by the artist Davide Asker’s studio uses the data of infrastructures present all over the world

Is called ‘Moving Data‘ the interactive installation that from today – and for the next 6 weeks – Leonardo da Vinci passengers from all over the world will be able to cross, enjoying a unique artistic experience before the flight. It is an interactive parallelepiped (7.7 meters long, 5.5 meters wide and 3.6 meters high) which returns an audiovisual and immersive experience of Data Art that Mundys wanted to create and make available to travelers to communicate data and Group targets in terms of sustainability, transforming them into an engaging visual experience for passengers.

The author of the work is Davide Asker, an artist who, with his WOA Creative Company team, has harmoniously merged technology and creativity in the installation to accompany visitors in an exploration of the world of mobility, through a path made up of four threads thematic – Sustainability, Motorways, Airports, Mobility Services. The study of data relating to the Group’s pillars comes to life thanks to the creation of evocative visual worlds, emphasized by a light design and an emotional soundscape that gives life to a relaxing dream space, in a context of intense stimuli such as that of Fiumicino airport .

Upon entering the installation, the traveler finds himself in a mirrored structure which, thanks to the use of lighting fixtures – which are reflected on the walls, floor and ceiling – produces a play of reflections and perspectives which give the sensation of moving in a space infinite.

The experience is made interactive by the presence of 4 3-metre-high monitors, placed at the internal corners of the structure and 85 lighting fixtures: the possibility of interacting with the visuals in the 4 monitors is made possible by as many LiDAR scanners, which trace the movements of the user in close proximity to the screen, and is emphasized by the synchronization of sound and light, whose lighting has been carefully designed to respond to multiple color and animation combinations.

Generative graphic elements are combined with text integrations to offer an immediate and dynamic perspective on the innovations and solutions that Mundys brings to the field to improve our travel experience, every day on a global level.

As underlined in a note, “the Group has chosen Fiumicino airport as the strategic location for the installation, managed by the subsidiary Aeroporti di Roma, to share its vision on sustainable travel with a vast and diversified international audience , also taking into account the results and ambitious targets of the leading airport management company in the sector in terms of sustainability”.