Sustainability, De Corato: “Investing is essential, the government is going in this direction”

“Diana Bracco’s example demonstrates that it is necessary to invest and the determination of Prime Minister Meloni goes in the same direction”

“On the issue of sustainability, the government is moving with great determination, obviously taking into account the available resources. The example of Diana Bracco“, which yesterday in Torviscosa, in the province of Udine, presented the project for the industrial development of the production site managed by Spin of the Bracco group, for a total investment of 124 million euros, “demonstrates that it is necessary to invest in sustainability and Prime Minister Meloni’s determination goes in the same direction”. Thus the parliamentarian of Fratelli d’Italia, Riccardo De Corato.

“I – adds De Corato – believe that what the government is making available, and will try to make available with other measures that will be brought to Parliament, demonstrates particular attention to Lombardy, which is the driving force of Italy” .

“Lombardy is the driving region of the country and if Lombardy stops the country stops; the majority is aware of this. This is why we will go in this direction”. After all, he concludes, “investing in Lombardy means investing in the country”.