Sustainability, evidence and news from the CSR Show

All 115 meetings with over 500 speakers saw great participation from an attentive audience and the 284 leading organizations including companies, institutions and non-profit organizations

The 11th national edition of the National CSR and Social Innovation Exhibition has closed, one of the most eagerly awaited events in Italy to talk about sustainability. During the three days of activity, from 4 to 6 October 2023, 4,600 attendances were recorded at Bocconi University in Milan and there were over 9,000 connections. All 115 meetings with over 500 speakers saw great participation from an attentive audience and the 284 leading organizations including companies, institutions and non-profit entities. Never before has the presence of young people been as strong as this year, actively involved both as protagonists of various initiatives and as spectators, and over 300 students visited the Fair over the three days. The extraordinary exhibition of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Venus of Rags, resurrected from the ashes after the fire in Naples, exclusively for visitors to the Salone, will serve as a symbol of the 2023 edition, dedicated to the theme Living with change.

“The CSR Exhibition is increasingly a training ground for discussion and not just a stage where successful experiences can be valorised – comments Rossella Sobrero of the Group promoting the Exhibition – And it is precisely from the comparison between those who are experimenting with innovative methods in managing their own organization that what emerges change is often an uphill road: it was therefore an opportunity to listen to the positive returns of responsible action but also the difficulties encountered and the actions taken to overcome them”.

Among the many new features of the 2023 edition is the Carbon Footprint Station, created by AWorld and presented for the first time in Italy at the Show, to discover in real time how much each of us impacts the environment with our purchases, transport , food and home. From the data collected on a sample of over 200 people who carried out the measurement, it emerges that the main impact category is that of transport, with a predominant impact of the plane, and that the work footprint accounts for only 14.5 % on the general one. It is in private life, therefore, that the greatest changes can be made. In the Baby Boomers generation, according to the report drawn up by AWorld, females have the greatest impact in the transport category, while in Generation X males have the greatest impact. In other generations the impact is similar. Overall, participation in the measurement highlighted a greater awareness and desire to change their lifestyles with a view to a sustainable future.

The Carbon Footprint Station project conducted during the three days in Milan is linked to a Challenge that the Show launched on the AWorld app: to carry out 300 thousand good actions for the planet and for people together by 31 October, after the first goal of 100 thousand has been reached. was achieved in just three weeks. If the objective is achieved, the Show will contribute to the ‘Ancora Natura per il Col di Lana’ project, a forest rebirth and restoration initiative four years after the Vaia storm, promoted, among others, by Rete Clima and Pefc Italia . The project involves the safety and removal of wood still on the ground to combat the bark beetle, an insect that destroys trunks, but also forestation with around 5 thousand new trees to give back to the local community its Colle, with its dynamics social, landscape and economic.

Moving from trees to paper and cardboard, those used for the exhibition displays this year will be recovered, thanks to the collaboration of Comieco, to partly create modular games and installations to be donated to associations, schools and museums, and partly to new installations for the next 2024 edition. During the three days of work, the CSR and social innovation exhibition, in collaboration with ReLearn, also engaged in waste monitoring and the implementation of separate waste collection with the help of ‘artificial intelligence. From the 922 interactions that took place with the system, it emerged that the majority of waste was correctly separated by visitors to the Show. Finally, for the entire duration of the event, one of the ‘squares’ where the events took place was partly powered by clean energy produced by spectators through special bikes, thanks to an activity managed by Teatro a Pedali in collaboration with Hitachi. By pedaling, approximately 2KWh were produced.

The 2023 edition of the Show welcomed the final challenge of Hackathon for Impact, the creative marathon organized as part of the CSR Giro d’Italia in collaboration with Big Bloom and Cial, which saw 46 university students and recent graduates from Udine, Naples and Bologna challenge each other in the creation of innovative circular economy solutions. The winning team, voted live by the public during the event, was that of Udine with the ‘RaccontaCi’ project, a QRcode that allows access to a creative video lasting just a few seconds, created by companies in collaboration with a local school , which tells the story of the life of a product born from recycling.