Sustainability, Ferrari (Acquedotto Fiora): “From the Acea contest I develop ideas for transition”

“The contests, like this one conceived by Acea, are moments of in-depth analysis that touch on the major issues linked to the environment: from reuse, to purification and to sustainability in general. From these occasions ideas are developed that are put at the service of all the territories where the Acea group is present. We are trying to lay the foundations for what will be the future of the next generations with attention to the environment, sustainability and above all to that ecological and energy transition that is now everyone’s attention. ” delegate of the Acquedotto del Fiora, on the sidelines of the awarding event for the projects conceived by the companies of the group for sustainable development, which was held in Cala Galera, near Porto Ercole.

“As CEO of the Acquedotto del Fiora, a company that for twenty years has managed the integrated water service in Tuscany – continued Ferrari – we are proud to host an event where we talk about sustainability and the environment. The Agile Academy, which Acea has created together with the Acquedotto del Fiora, is a high-level training school for new professionals who will work precisely in the development of sustainability and the environment and in full compliance with the 2030 agenda. It is important that this Acea contest be held in the Tuscan territory where the Academy is taking its first steps “.