Sustainability, Mancuso: ‘Education first goal’

“The actions that McDonald’s is carrying out for the transformation of products, packaging and forms of distribution are fundamental”. Thus Paolo Mancuso, councilor for the environment and the sea of ​​the Municipality of Naples, on the sidelines of the McDonald’s ‘Sustainability Roadshow’, an itinerant project to trace the company’s path towards the ecological transition and the circular economy. The event took place at the headquarters in via Medina, in the Neapolitan capital.

“We – continued the councilor – are very concerned about the question concerning the activity that McDonald’s is putting in place for the training and information of its customers who are the young, adolescent groups of the city and on which it is essential to create a shared and responsible conscience towards the protection of the environment”.

“We – concluded Mancuso – could make the biggest corporate or municipal transformations but we will never be able to achieve real results if not through the formation of a shared conscience on environmental protection. Education is the first objective”.