Sustainability, Rdr Spa becomes a Benefit Company

Rdr Spa company from Torre del Greco (NA), active in Italy in the Integrated Water Cycle sector, transforms its Articles of Association into a Benefit Companybecoming the first in Italy of the electromechanical sector operating in the SII (Integrated Water Service) to do so. A primacy that commits Rdr Spa to pursue, alongside the goal of profit, that of common benefit, operating in such a way as to have a positive impact on society, communities, people, territories and in particular on the environment. Legally introduced in Italy since 2016, the Benefit Companies today number more than 2000 and represent an evolution of the concept of a company with a view to sustainability and common benefit.

Founded in 1978 by Francesco Di Ruocco as an electromechanical workshop today Rdr Spa with over 270 employees, 6 operational offices and 50 million euros in turnover in 2021 is the fourth Italian player in the integrated water cycle sector, specializing in the design, construction, management, maintenance, commissioning and operation of aqueduct works and water treatment plants. “Water is the resource we take care of, a common good, a source of life and in our case also of our work. Resource increasingly threatened by ongoing climate change – he comments Alessandro Di Ruocco, president of Rdr Spa – This is why we felt the moral duty to formalize the transition to Società Benefit, a natural and positive evolution of our company, which makes it adequate for the challenges and opportunities of this century, which looks to the future of generations and which above all pushes it to be an example for other companies in the sector. Through tools such as the Annual Impact Reportthe reporting of the results obtained and the monitoring of our social and environmental impact we want to become a reference model for the Campania region and beyond, so that a virtuous change is triggered for the benefit of all communities and the planet “.

Three specific aims of common benefit that Rdr Spa intends to pursue with the new statute are those relating to human resources and work management by committing to listen to their respective needs and improve the well-being and quality of their lives, favoring and supporting the innovation and promoting training courses that increase the skills of each individual role. As regards relations with stakeholders, Rdr Spa is committed to maintain continuous communication flows, based on sharing information and motivating the issues of sustainable choices and to support and raise awareness of the supply chain and partners towards a common sustainable development. On a social level, on the other hand, it will work on synergy and proximity with the territories in which it operates starting from Torre del Greco, through projects that, by focusing on young people, favor their social and professional development. As far as environmental sustainability is concerned, the Campania company is committed to monitoring its impact and improving fuel consumption, CO2 indices and energy consumption.