Sustainability Report, the new Gri Academy course aimed at companies and professionals is here

It is called “Transparency for tomorrow: Decoding the Sustainability Reporting Landscape” and will be accessible on demand

The Gri Acaemy (Global Reporting Initiative) has launched a new course to train institutions and professionals in sustainability reporting.

The Gri is an independent international organization based in Amsterdam which has been developing the most widely used international guidelines and standards for sustainability reporting since 1997. Thousands of organizations of all sizes and sectors around the world use the Gri guidelines and standards to understand and communicate their sustainability performance.

The course is completely online and is called “Transparency for tomorrow: Decoding the Sustainability Reporting Landscape“.

Today, entities operate in a context where ESG regulations and sustainability reporting rules are constantly updated and sometimes make it difficult to understand what and how to report; the Gri Academy course aims to help companies in this non-financial reporting activity.

During the course, participants will be able to learn every aspect of ESG reporting, starting with the basics: why, who, what and how to disclose sustainability information. Current trends in sustainability reporting will also be exposed, including external assurance and important concepts such as “double materiality”.
In 2019, the European Commission was the first to formally describe in the context of the sustainability report the concept of dual materiality, a central element of the Commission’s proposal for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).
According to this new perspective, ESG issues create risks and opportunities that are material from a double point of view: the financial one and the impact one. Therefore, companies must account not only for their economic and financial solidity, but also for their impact on the environment.

The course also has the objective of making the participants hypothesize i possible future developments of sustainability reporting and what reporting approach to adopt so that the company functions at its best and is not penalized for non-compliance with ESG rules.

A very important aspect for the aforementioned reasons is that the Gri Academy course will be constantly updated with future innovations in the field of sustainability.

How much does the Gri Academy course cost

The course is available online and on demand on Gri Academy. In this way, the organization offers the possibility of completing it at any time, according to the commitments of each professional and company. In fact, the course is aimed at anyone, natural or legal person, who has a role, even if of little importance, in the drafting of non-financial reports.
The Gri Academy course on non-financial reporting costs €195, discounted to €149 for those who enroll before October 1st.