Sustainability, the 2023 Socialis Prize awarded for the best Italian theses

The awards ceremony took place in Rome, at the Ara Pacis Auditorium

From universities throughout Italy, a contribution to understanding the value of the commitment of businesses, institutions, universities and non-profits in the economic, social and environmental fields, an index of sustainability development trends in Italy: the 2023 Socialis Prize awarded in Rome, the longest-running recognition for the best degree theses on CSR and sustainability, organized by the Socialis Observatory in collaboration with Gruppo Cap, Saipem, MSD Italia and Bayer.

The awards ceremony took place in Rome, at the Ara Pacis Auditorium, with a program full of speeches, a morning that began with institutional greetings and a video message to those present from the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security Gilberto Pichetto: “This day is a unique opportunity for institutions, businesses and young people to meet. I am addressing you directly, students, when I say that the training path you have completed in your schools and universities is an important step in defining the role you will have as ambassadors of sustainability for your own and future generations. Transversal skills in the areas of social responsibility and sustainability will be indispensable in the world of work for the development of businesses, for the development of our country. The culture of sustainability is strongly linked to new green professions and naturally to the entire future.”

This is also what emerged from the latest census carried out by the Socialis Observatory regarding the teachings that universities introduce into the training offer: the growth of university courses on the topic of sustainability is distributed across an ever-increasing number of departments, over 800 in 70 Italian universities. It is a sign of the increasingly broad perception of what skills will be useful for the work of tomorrow. The Socialis Prize welcomes academic studies and works (42 universities are participating in the 2023 edition) which are inspired in particular by the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030 and contribute to demonstrating the value of companies’ investments in promoting programs and actions aimed at innovation and sustainability.

The winners of the XXI edition of the award are Mariagrazia Manna from the University of Naples Federico II (Master’s Degree Course in Social Innovation), Davide Cappello from the University of Salento (Master’s Degree Course in Digital Management) and Valentina Masci from the University of Parma (Master’s Degree Course in Administration and Business Management), while those awarded with special mention were Simone Mastroianni of the Sapienza University of Rome (Master’s Degree Course in Technology Management, Innovation and Sustainability), Filippo Galli of the University of Pisa ( Master’s Degree Course in Law) and Francesca Ubiali of the Polytechnic of Milan (Master’s Degree Course in Architectural Design).

“And this is the challenge – underlined Pichetto – in an increasingly connected world we must face not only the technological challenges, but also the social challenges that the new development trajectories impose and to which we must be very careful. On this front, Italy is investing heavily in the involvement of young people, who are increasingly open to change, increasingly open to innovation and the desire to actively contribute to the construction of the common good. Sustainable development must not be an option, but an obligatory path to follow with pragmatism and common sense, combining in the best possible way the three sustainabilities on which the government is working: environmental sustainability, social sustainability and economic sustainability. The future belongs to the new generations and it is also with their eyes that political decision-makers must try to see and look for solutions and viable paths to move towards the world to come with greater determination and greater awareness. It is our task to collaborate in this direction alongside you.”

On the occasion of the awards ceremony, Roberto Orsi, director of Osservatorio Socialis and President of Errepi Comunicazione, introduced the Esg Planning Kit, a real calendar of initiatives that will occupy 2024 with 4 important events: the CSR-Check standard for measurement of one’s level of compliance with the new regulations (January-March), the presentation of the 11th CSR Report (April-June), the University Program in Italian Universities and the Company Academy project, the 22nd Socialis Award for Talent Ambassador.