Sustainability, Unicomm-Samso: Green energy for points of sale

The operation will save the company from the emission of 11,613 tons of oil (TOE) and 25,151 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year, equivalent to the reforestation of 4,532 hectares of greenery and 179,646 trees

The Unicomm Spa Group, active in food distribution and present in 7 Italian regions with a multi-channel distribution network and over 8,000 employees, chooses Samso Spa as its partner to invest in renewables. Samso, with operational offices in Milan, Padua and Salerno, active in the design, financing and implementation of energy efficiency interventions in the industrial, public administration and residential sectors, will accompany the Cestaro family group in the energy transition path with the installation of photovoltaic systems for a total power of up to 54,000 kWp in their 270 sales points distributed in northern and central Italy.

“The establishment of a new company demonstrates the strong desire of the Unicomm group to make its energy supply system sustainable in a more structured and widespread way, recognizing the green transition as a strategic asset for the development and competitiveness of the distribution network”, declares Marcello Cestaro of Unicomm. For the CEO of Samso Igor Bovo, “the efficiency operations will allow the almost 300 points of sale to maximize savings and reduce energy costs with important repercussions on the environment: the operation will save every year the company emits 11,613 tonnes of oil (TOE) and 25,151 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, equivalent to the reforestation of 4,532 hectares of greenery and 179,646 trees”.

All seven commercial brands of hypermarkets and wholesale warehouses in the Vicenza area (Famila, Emisfero Ipermercati, Mega, A&O, C+C Cash&Carry and Hurrà) will be affected by the efficiency works with an estimated overall saving of up to 62, 1 million kWh.

“Supermarkets are energy-intensive ecosystems and, after the dramatic increase in electricity recorded starting last year, we deemed it necessary to turn towards photovoltaics with the aim of optimizing the significant energy consumption given by the cells refrigerators and lighting systems and amortize their costs. Thanks to this important energy efficiency operation, we will be able to make our distribution chain more competitive because it is able to significantly reduce the management costs of the sales points and lower the prices of the products for end customers”, remarks Mario Cestaro, vice president of the Group Unicomm.