Sustainable boating, children and teenagers captains for a day

For the young participants of the Global Youth Tourism Summit, in Sorrento, a training day with the Msc captains

A training day on sustainable boating: from navigation instruments to the latest generation nautical simulators, up to the most modern sustainability practices. But also the secrets of the various seafaring knots, from the gassa to the English knot, the true cornerstone of the training of every good sailor. And a fixed point: respect for the sea and her creatures. This is what 130 children and young people from all over the world, gathered in these days in Sorrento for the first Global Youth Tourism Summit created by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), they were able to learn under the expert guidance of the captains of the MSC Training Center.

Field training organized thanks to the commitment of Msc Foundation he was born in Msc Group, main sponsor of the Summit, who opened the doors of the training center and put their experience at the service of the young participants. After the masterclasses dedicated to nodes and mooring, also a logbook on the sustainability practices implemented by Msc Cruises, from the commitment to zero CO2 emissions by 2050 at on-board consumption and waste monitoring techniquesand on environmental protection projects made by Msc Foundation, especially for the habitat regeneration and protection of marine species. The boys also took part in a contest for the conception of the name of the Teens Clubs of the future, that is the meeting spaces reserved for teenagers on board MSC cruise ships.

Precisely to offer young people an opportunity to experience first-hand the importance of respect for the blue planet, on Saturday 2 July the Msc Foundation, in collaboration with the NGO Marevivo and the Punta Campanella Marine Protected Area, will lead them on an exploration with marine biologists in the Bay of Ieranto. “Restoring the health of the sea and its inhabitants is a vital priority for the MSC Foundation and, in this, the education of young people plays a fundamental role. We are happy to be present at the Global Youth Tourism Summit because it represents a perfect platform to grow future leaders of sustainable tourism “, he says Daniela Piccoexecutive director of the Msc Foundation.