Sustainable development award: Genoa, Legnano and Turin on the podium

Circular economy, sustainable mobility, circular water management

A project to create a ‘circular city’ in Genoa created by Amiu Genova in collaboration with the Municipality of Genoa; interventions, integrated to develop slow mobility, improve the safety and quality of the peripheral urban spaces of the Municipality of Legnano, a project for the management of rainwater in a structure in Turin of the Società Metropolitana Acque di Torino – Smat spa. These are the winners of the 2023 Sustainable Development Award, established for the thirteenth year by the Foundation for Sustainable Development and by Ecomondo-Italian Exhibition Group with the patronage of Mase, intended for companies, startups and local administrations that have distinguished themselves for eco-innovation, effectiveness of the environmental and economic results and their diffusion potential and which saw three sectors competing: circular economy, sustainable mobility, circular water management.

Another 9 companies or administrations, for each of the 3 competing sectors, go up to the podium at Ecomondo to receive the plaque as the best in their respective sectors. “The award – said Edo Ronchi, President of the Foundation for Sustainable Development – has now become the showcase of excellence of good green economy practices. In fact, never like this year have we received so many applications, and many of excellent quality. There was also a very high participation of local public administrations and companies to demonstrate how a new green conscience has now spread across the territory in order to make citizens’ lives more sustainable”.

This year the Award for Sustainable Development is dedicated to Lorenzo Cagnoni: the President of Ecomondo and then of Ieg was a central promoter of this initiative to support the diffusion of innovation for ecological sustainability. Here are the three top qualifiers for the 2023 Sustainable Development Award. Amiu Genova Spa in collaboration with the Municipality of Genoa: for the ‘C-City – Genoa Circular City’ project, created by Amiu in collaboration with the Municipality of Genoa, the University of studios in Genoa and the Job center srl.

In particular: for the participatory definition of a city strategy for circular economy, the creation of a ‘Circular Hub’ – meeting space, co-planning collaboration between various interested parties, to support participation, awareness-raising, collection of ideas and projects, the creation of a ‘Circular desk’ for orientation, facilitation, support, technical assistance and the implementation of circular projects in the various sectors, and, finally, the creation of a large municipal reuse centre.

Furthermore, for the dissemination of numerous initiatives: upcycling, for the reduction of plastics and other materials that are difficult to recycle, the collection and reuse of food surpluses, circular measures in the construction sector, the mapping of 150 city businesses and for the activation of innovation processes in a circular direction. Municipality of Legnano: for the multi-year program of integrated interventions – ‘Bicipolitana’ and ‘Green and trade network’ – which aims to develop slow mobility, improve the safety and quality of peripheral urban spaces with regeneration initiatives urban.

The Bicipolitana is a unitary cycle network, integrating and completing the existing one, easily identifiable thanks to a graphic and signage project, which unites the city neighborhoods with the neighboring municipalities, with squares, meeting spaces, cycle parking, charging and maintenance points bikes, multimedia information totems, as well as bike counters and mobility information. The Bicipolitana is integrated, along the commercial axes, by the green and commercial network, to promote accessibility and circulation for all users, especially vulnerable ones (Abcd: Elderly, Children, Cyclists and Disabled), through urban redevelopment interventions and the system of parks, gardens, tree-lined avenues and a ‘rain-garden’.

Società Metropolitana Acque Torino – Smat SpA For the management of rainwater in the House of Youth Mobility and Interculture in Turin with Nature Based Solutions: an intensive green roof with garden, located on part of the large terrace south, an aeroponic greenhouse, a rain garden.

Rainwater from the roof surface is collected separately and used for aeroponic irrigation of a greenhouse; the overflow of the storage tank together with the other surplus rainwater are released into a rain garden for infiltration, thus closing the water cycle.

The action also includes participation activities with the student community of the youth hostel, development of degree theses with the Polytechnic of Turin. Among the impacts of the measures adopted are adaptation to climate change, mitigation of the effects of intense rainfall, increased retention in urban areas, improvement of air quality and urban microclimate, greater awareness of Nature Based Solutions measures .