Sustainable football, Casini (Lega Serie A): “Our pilot project in Europe”

The president of the Serie A League tells about the importance of Calcio Social Responsibility

Inclusion, respect for diversity, promotion of human rights, environmental protection. Italian football was chosen last year by UEFA as a European pilot project for sustainability. In fact, Serie A is the first league in the Old Continent to draw up a document – Calcio Social Responsibility – which presents a sustainability strategy divided into 20 chapters (which symbolize the unity of the 20 Serie A clubs) with the aim of supporting complex projects in 11 policies, of which seven on human rights and four on environmental protection. Lorenzo Casinipresident of the Serie A League, tells about the ambitious path of the top flight, which aims to pursue and realize the sustainability objectives set by 2030, monitoring and measuring the results through specific performance indicators.

President, how did the sustainable feeling with UEFA develop?

The document is the result of this important agreement with UEFA and the intense work carried out by the Serie A offices, which must be given due recognition. With the Director of Social and Environmental Sustainability of UEFA, Michele Uva, whom I thank, our league was identified as a pilot project in Europe to produce an organic document that brings together what the individual clubs do and what the League can do. The aim of the strategy is to strengthen interventions along all three directions summarized by the acronym ESG. The project articulates the various aspects of sustainability, especially with regard to the social role of football, from the promotion of human rights to initiatives against all forms of discrimination and racism.

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