Sustainable green management, including for urban areas

The president of Pefc Italia Dellagiacoma: “The certification of the presidential estate of Castelporziano on the outskirts of Rome is important, opens a window on these areas as well”

The sustainable forest management certification obtained by the Presidential Estate of Castelporziano has a particular value because “we are in the peri-urban area of ​​Rome and for us at Pefc, who were born essentially in the Alps and are moving to the Apennines, this opens a very new window important in urban areas, of great interest not only for investments linked to the NRP and for the climate issue but also because this is where most people live. It is an enrichment “. Thus to AdnKronos Francesco Dellagiacoma, president of Pefc Italia, the organization promoting the certification of good forest management.

Born on the initiative of the northern regions, the Alps represent the ‘stronghold’ of Pefc Italy, in particular the Triveneto, an area where productive forestry is also concentrated from an organizational point of view, the most interested in obtaining this certification. But now Pefc, and with this sustainable forest management, are also looking elsewhere.

“We have expanded significantly on the Alpine area, Piedmont and Lombardy in particular – explains Dellagiacoma – and now we are starting to work with the Apennines where the situation is more difficult because if in the Alps the planning of public properties is a fact , on the Apennines it is not. We are working starting from Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, but also Marche and Abruzzo. The Tenuta di Castelporziano was the first, in Lazio, to obtain certification and three other realities followed after it ” .