Sustainable mobility is learned at school with Link4Schools

Scooter yes, in safety: lessons in the institutes of Rome, Pomezia and Aprilia together with the Traffic Police

Students at sustainable mobility school. Link4Schools gets to the heart with the first face-to-face training sessions which were held this morning at the Endofap-Lazio Ente Don Orione in Rome in collaboration with the State Police. The initiative launched by Superpedestrian, the tech company born from the MIT of Boston that designed the Link electric scooter, in addition to the institutes of the capital, it also involves those of Aprilia and Pomezia where the company has already activated the online sessions last week (VIDEO – PHOTO).

Together with the Ministry of Education (Edustrada) and Legambiente, the Traffic Police also participated in the initiative with the aim of encouraging the adoption of virtuous models of life among young people inclined to use the electric scooter. In particular, Superpedestrian provided the students with the necessary tools for a correct use of the vehicle in urban centers and the Traffic Police met the students to raise their awareness of the importance of driving safely, in order to help spread conscious and prudent behavior on the street.

“With the delivery of the first modules, the first initiative promoted by a company that combines sustainable mobility and road safety takes shape. Being supported by Legambiente, Miur and ACi-Sara safe driving centers is a sign of great trust and the support of the Traffic Police is a source of pride for Superpedestrian’s concrete commitment in terms of safety and for the development of this innovative project. aimed at students – he says Matteo Ribaldi, Link Italia’s Public Affairs & Business Development manager – The creation of Link4Schools makes it even more evident how the collaboration between public and private is, once again, the right and winning way for the pursuit of a common interest: the safety of different road users“.

For Daniela Stradiotto, general manager of the State Police and central director of the Specialties, “the culture of safe driving is a common value and spreading it must be a collective commitment, because the road belongs to everyone and each of us uses it. It is important that children understand the risk they face when using the scooter on the road : they must be aware that it is no longer the game they often played as children. It is a means of transport and as such must be conducted with the awareness that driving is not a joke, but a very serious thing. On this front we as the State Police have always been committed, through the Traffic Police, to root in young people the culture of living the road with attention and respect for the rules. The first protagonist of road safety is the user “.