Sustainable mobility protagonist at the NABA and FNM Group Design Marathon

Sixty students from the Milan campus discussed three different briefs. From urban regeneration to sustainable communication and the development of human-friendly future scenarios, this is the focus of their work

Sustainable mobility projects were the protagonists of the fourteenth edition of the NABA Design Marathon born from the collaboration with the FNM Group. Sixty students from the Milan campus have in fact discussed three different briefs over the past few weeks. From urban regeneration to sustainable communication and the development of human-friendly future scenarios, this is the focus of their work.

From the collaboration with Gruppo FNM to student projects

FNM is the leading integrated group in sustainable mobility in Lombardy. It represents the first pole in Italy that combines the management of railway infrastructures with road mobility and the management of motorway infrastructures. The three briefs of the NABA Design Marathon were therefore oriented towards themes connected to the company’s reference sector.

The first, “A Human Scale Future”, was conceived starting from the Fili project – an impressive redevelopment project for the main connection centers of Ferrovienord. The goal: to promote a participatory and sustainable urban transformation through the creation of spaces for participation and exchange dedicated to the Bovisa node. The winner was “The BoNO Festival” by the students of the MA in Social Design Nuria Valsells and Karen Zamitiz Bonilla Juarez and by those of the MA in Interior Design Laura Myrrha Queiroz Pimenta Parra and Ankita Shenai. Here, the headquarters at the Bovisa FN station and four spots in the same district become spaces to host thematic events concerning culture, the environment, innovation and sociality.

Persuasive, transparent and sustainable communication was the focus of the second brief: “A Shared Future”. The participants in the Design Marathon therefore presented a series of projects capable of transferring the services, products, values ​​and mission of the FNM Group to people. The proposals explored innovative languages ​​and tools to bridge the gap between users (citizens) and the company. The winner was “Whoever is sustainable with FNM” by students of the MA in Visual Design and Integrated Marketing Communication Sara Vallar and Federica Venzano and those of the BA in Graphic Design and Art Direction Giulia Menini and Simone Pastori. Their campaign deals with the theme of sustainability with irony and lightness, overturning the paradigm of environmentalism, no longer seen as a commitment to be signed but as something that happens anywhere and everywhere.

The third and last brief, “The Future Land”, has restarted from the pandemic and smart working to think about a more dynamic conception of life. It was asked to generate future scenarios involving possible products or services related to the expansion of the territory as a consequence of the enhancement of mobility within the region. “Travel Human Connection” by Aldo Mucciarone and Lorenzo Meroni, BA in Design students, and Giovanna Pia Montrone and Andrea Scaccabarozzi, BA in Graphic Design and Art Direction, was the winning project. In a world where digital technologies and AI are pervasive, human relationships will become more and more appreciated. In particular, while traveling. FNM Group will have to base its services on a new concept of comfort that “shortens the distance between people”.

To support the students during the design and to transfer them the knowledge necessary to develop the proposals: Maurizio Goetz (Co-founder Italian Institute for the Future – Speculative Design Hub), Claudio Jampiglia (Journalist, author and producer), Giuseppe Mazza (Professor of communication), Gloria Puppi (Strategic anticipation consultant, board member and co-founder of Speculative Design Hub), Stefano Ragazzo (Architect and Urban designer).