Sustainable purchasing and packaging: Nomisma forecasts for 2024

How do Italians buy and what packaging do they prefer?

Purchasing sustainably is possible, even starting from packaging. This is confirmed by the latest update of the Consumer Packaging Observatory curated by Nomisma and presented today in the context of Marca 2024. The protagonists of the presentation are the results of the survey conducted on a representative sample of buyers of aged between 18 and 70.

The objective of the research was to identify sustainable lifestyles and habits of Italians, with attention to the role played by packaging in food purchasing models.

The search results

From the results of the research it emerged that Italians are increasingly aware of the problems related to climate change. Around 6 out of 10 consider this aspect to be one of the most serious problems worldwide and for around a third the climate crisis and its effects represent one of the main concerns for the next 12 months.

The concern arises from the high cost of living which over the last year seems to have eroded the pockets of numerous Italian families, forced to choose to save even when purchasing food. Furthermore, data on supermarket preferences have shown an ever-increasing affection for discount stores, for example.

32% of Italians consider it sustainability, combined with attention to the environment, represents a determining factor for behavioral and purchasing choices. While almost 60% say they take it into account.

Commitment to environmental impact

Greater awareness corresponds to greater commitment to reducing environmental impact created by one’s own attentions. For this reason, the data has shown a generalized growth in people paying more attention to certain small measures. Starting from energy and water aspects, through mobility, up to 66% pay more attention to the purchases of more sustainable food and drink products.

The packaging, technically the ‘packaging’, represents a crucial aspect for help make a food product sustainable. In fact, packaging is a topic that finds fertile ground in the European Commission for reasoning and political choices that could lead to a high reduction in impacts.

The preferred packaging is plastic-free and can be used several times. Recycled material fully recyclable packaging, those produced with reduced Co2 emissions are the favourites. Consumer habits are driven by those products that require the absence of excess packaging. Confirming the strong interest in recyclability, almost 8 out of 10 Italians believe it is important to know the recycling process and the second life the material will have once recycled.