Suzuki Bike Day, on July 9 the event that promotes the use of bikes

Davide Cassani, Carolina Kostner and Sonny Colbrelli will be in Imola

28.5 km of circuit, a total difference in height of 583 meters and climbs with a maximum gradient of 16%, but above all, the same path where the 2020 cycling world championship was held in Imola. It is Suzuki Bike Day, a cycling event open to all and non-competitive which will take place on Saturday 9 July on the streets of Imola and Riolo Terme. Presenting the second edition (the first held in Carpegna, on the climbs that were Marco Pantani’s training for the big laps) Massimo Nalli, president of Suzuki Italia, Sonny Colbrelli winner of Paris Roubaix and Italian champion and Davide Cassani, former coach of national cycling team, president of Apt Emilia Romagna and above all a great cyclist who immediately after the first edition, had the idea of ​​bringing the bikes to Imola, in the Enzo and Dino Ferrari circuit.

“It will be a party for all those who love cycling, who ride a bicycle and have a predisposition for engines – explained Davide Cassani – We are in a racetrack where Formula 1 races, but there have been two cycling world championships. There will be the possibility of having a dorsal but it is not a race. Then one can decide to do the climbs even as fast as possible because Mazzolano and the Gallisterna are two challenging climbs, but the spirit we want to convey is to spend a day together with the bicycle on an important route for cycling with finish line. where the Formula 1, the Ferraris cross the finish line ”.

At the presentation of Bike Day Suzuki also the Italian cycling champion Sonny Colbrelli who confirmed his presence on 9 July, also recounting the splendid emotion of the victory at Paris – Roubaix 2021: “Before leaving for Paris a friend of mine had told me that whoever takes the lead in the velodrome does not win, I remembered it at that moment. I didn’t go in first and in the end I won the sprint ”.

“It may seem strange that a car company could promote an event dedicated to bikes – explains Andrea Henke, Marketing Director of Auto Suzuki Italy – the reason is to be found in the history of Suzuki and in its DNA, first of all the history of Suzuki manufacturer began around 70 years ago with a kind of motorized bicycle, we can say with pedal assistance, which in Japan brought farmers from one field to another, secondly sport as a value to improve the lives of people and therefore also of Suzuki customers, and then the choice of the place, Imola, the historic place for motor lovers for years but also important for cycling enthusiasts. A combination that we believe will make everyone experience a beautiful day “.

“We at Suzuki have always been very keen to improve the lives of our customers and potential customers – commented Massimo Nalli, president of Suzuki Italy – and life is improved by nurturing one’s passions, such as that for sport or cycling, for example example. We have focused on cycling and on an iconic place not only for two wheels, and thanks to the collaboration of all the institutions, on 9 July we will do a kind of ‘re-enactment’ of the 2020 world championship retracing the roads of that great event “.