Suzuki, Nalli: ‘Electricity will be the gateway to a strategy that seeks efficiency’

Brand synonymous with efficiency, technology, respect for those traditions that have led it to be a universally recognized brand, as the bearer of a winning strategy in a market, the automotive one, which is going through a period of profound change, Suzuki has for years embarked on a sustainable path. After the presentation and marketing of a completely electrified range, the Hamamatsu-based company will introduce its first electric vehicle, the eVX, on the market in 2025, a model that will combine the technical characteristics of a latest generation BEV with that 4×4 DNA that made it Suzuki famous in the world. (Video)

As Massimo Nalli President of Suzuki Italia points out, “electricity is a rule that all houses are required to respect, a rule wanted by the European Commission and therefore, according to Japanese culture, the rules are not discussed, but opinions can be given different, for example that the electric still has three major problems before becoming national-popular and guaranteeing individual mobility: the high cost, the autonomy, when we manage to reach 3-400 km with an electric car we are already happy , in reality we are used to double or much more than double on an internal combustion vehicle and then the capillarity of the recharging network which is still insufficient”.

Suzuki’s growth strategy for the year 2030 is based on three principles, the Japanese car brand aims at zero carbon dioxide emissions, involving emerging countries such as India, ASEAN and Africa. Creating and developing customer-focused products and services, in Japan and Europe, Suzuki will achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, while in India by 2070.

‘ In Europe, our market is in first place, we expect an increase in registrations’

“Suzuki – recalls Nalli – launched its first hybrid model in 2016, starting a strategy of progressive electrification, which recently led to the New Delhi Motor Show, the first new fully electric model, which will see the light in Europe during the 2025. Suzuki’s product strategy has always focused its attention on the compactness and high efficiency of vehicles.According to a Japanese acronym that reads “Sho-Sho-Kei-Tan-Bi”, our cars are compact, lighter and efficient, it will take less to guarantee mobility for all our customers, because we believe that the condition is one of the ways to achieve eco-sustainability”.

“The Italian market – he recalls – has guaranteed Suzuki, in Italy, success in recent years, closely linked to the quality of its product. We are grateful to the over 40,000 customers who trusted Suzuki in 2021, we are grateful and sorry for those who had to wait a few weeks in 2022 before getting hold of their Suzuki, now the supply situation for cars is normalizing and so are the delivery times”.

“We therefore expect an increase in the number of cars registered, while we expect a constant attention, therefore in the number of contracts entered into with Suzuki Italia, at record values, values ​​which – he concludes – place the Italian market in first place in Europe for the Suzuki brand, the Hamamatsu brand”.