Swabs to vaccinated? Sileri: “Important for identifying chains of contagion”

The Undersecretary for Health: “Possible extension of the vaccine obligation to other workers”. And on the fourth dose and the recall to the under 18 he adds: “The data will tell”

The extension of the use of tampons also to the vaccinated, could help identify and isolate the transmission chains of the virus “. Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri clarified this to the microphones of ‘Italy has awakened’ on Radio Cusano Campus, underlining that” in a situation in which the should the new Omicron variant spread like wildfire, a greater use of tampons in certain contexts and with well-defined criteria, for example when waiting for the third dose, is desirable to identify the virus and the chains of contagion. The problem is that with the omicron variant there will be many positive people and this leads to many people in isolation. ”

On the third dose to under 18s and the administration of a possible fourth doseSileri then explains that “Government decisions will be dictated by data and science”. “These – said the undersecretary – are hypotheses to be verified in light of the numbers that will emerge in the coming weeks on the prevalence of the Omicron variant and on its possible lower aggressiveness, as it would seem according to some preliminary studies from South Africa and the United Kingdom. this variant, as we all hope, should lead to fewer hospitalizations and deaths – continued Sileri – we will also have to understand if this happens because it is less ‘bad’, or even because it finds a population with a solid vaccination base. now more than ever, accelerate both with the first and third doses “.

As for thevaccination obligation, “the extension to other categories of workers – said Sileri – can certainly be considered, but in general, given the high overall percentages of citizens vaccinated, for the moment there is no need for a generalized obligation”.