Swabs, vaccines and measures: call and response Borgonovo-Richeldi

Debate at Otto e Mezzo

Green pass, vaccines, tampons and measures. Question and answer last night to Otto e Mezzo between the deputy director of La Verità Francesco Borgonovo and prof. Luca Richeldi, director of pulmonology at Gemelli in Rome. “Scientists in panic as the title of La Verità?”, The question of Lilli Gruber to which Borgonovo replies: “We continue to add norms to norms and to boast that we are better. In my opinion there are two things: or we are not in an emergency situation because intensive therapies are 11% and ordinary wards 13%, because perhaps the Omicron variant is more contagious but less lethal, and then no more measures are needed and we need to continue with some precautions but with less anxiety, or we are in a dramatic situation and then we need more measures, we need a tightening up. The fact that the experts are in confusion – continues the journalist – is demonstrated by the fact that Professor Richeldi himself told us a little while ago that maybe we will need a tampon for the vaccinated. Now, I remember when Burioni, Capua, Bassetti, Ricciardi, Sileri told us that first with the Green pass we would have solved everything, then with the vaccine, and now we discover that – look at it – people get infected even when vaccinated ” .

Prof Richeldi’s reply is ready: “The results in medicine – he says – can be seen at the end of the treatment. leave behind the individual protection measures, that is the masks, the reduction of the gatherings, precisely because it was known that the vaccine is not a diving suit with which one no longer comes into contact with the virus. But, as studies show, when vaccinated they get infected, they do it for a shorter time “.

“Then you must explain the Green pass to me what it is for, professor – Borgonovo’s rejoinder -. We explained to the people that they would be safe but now they are told that they have to swab. So either the Green pass is needed or swabs are needed. … “. “The Green pass – replies Richeldi – has served two purposes: to protect the unvaccinated and prevent them from entering situations of greater risk, the second reason is the incentive for vaccination, which works according to data from intensive care”.