Swarovski has launched a collection dedicated to Marvel superheroes

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Swarovski And Marvel together for one jewelry collection And household items inspired by the most famous superheroes of all time. A completely unexpected partnership that transforms Black Panther, Spider-Man, Iron Man And Hulk in jewel elements of necklaces and bracelets, as well as in wonderful glass statuettes. A roundup of products not to be missed, all available for purchase on the Swarovski website starting today, Wednesday 12 April.

The Swarovski X Marvel collection

New life for Marvel’s superheroes, reinterpreted by Swarovski for a capsule collection of 15 pieces between jewelry and household items. “Stan Lee was a master storyteller,” he said Jeanne Engelbert, creative director of Swarovski. “He has given the world some incredibly influential and exciting superheroes, so it has been a true honor to delve into Marvel favorites and express their individual qualities with our crystals.”

In fact, with this collection, the luxury brand wants to pay homage to the most famous superheroes with a relatively cheap offer compared to its standards. The pieces are for sale at an inclusive price between $85 and $250, although there are some exceptions reserved for true enthusiasts of the sector. Among them, one black panther necklace with a ruthenium-plated chain and a pendant embellished with crystalsavailable at the price of $950 -. and a glass figurine of the Hulk, featuring 578 facets, as well as a cost of $700.

But the main pieces of the collection are the two limited edition crystal figurines Of Captain Marvel And Spider-Manretailing for $10,000 and $23,000, respectively. Made with over 10000 crystals, the Captain Marvel figure depicts the hero in his signature red, blue and gold suit, immortalized as he lifts one foot off the ground to take off on his next mission. The character of Spider-Man, however, is available exclusively on order: a statuette of over 32000 crystalsmade in 233 hours thanks to Swarovski’s patented Pointiage technology.

In short, a unique collection of its kind, which knows how to combine two of the best known realities in the world. “Swarovski is proud to partner with Marvel to bring together two beloved brands for an iconic jewelry and home collection,” said Peter Widmann, Head of B2B, collaboration & licensing at Swarovski. “Both brands have a rich heritage, a long legacy and are loved by customers around the world, making this the perfect partnership.”