Sweden, 26-year-old of Iranian origins, the new minister for climate and environment

Romina Pourmokhtari will be the youngest Swedish minister ever

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson has appointed 26-year-old Romina Pourmokhtari as Minister for Climate and Environment. Liberal Pourmokhtari will be the youngest Swedish minister ever. She is of Iranian descent, she leads the Young Liberals, a position from which she will step down next month.

By introducing his government to Parliament, Kristersson anticipated difficult times in the face of numerous open crises. “We are in a serious situation that can deteriorate further,” he said. In the new center-right government supported by three parties with the external support of the Swedish Democrats, a party of the far right, there will be five liberal ministers, 12 of the moderate party of Kristersson and six of the Christian Democrats.

Foreign Minister will be the conservative Tobias Billstrom. Ebba Busch, head of the Christian Democrats, is Minister of Energy and the Economy and Deputy Prime Minister. The secretary of the Liberals, Johan Pehrson, was appointed Minister of Labor.