Sweden, Andersson appointed premier: she is the first woman

Parliament vote on Wednesday

The President of the Swedish Parliament, Andreas Norlen, proposed the new leader of the Social Democrats, Magdalena Andersson, as a candidate for the office of Prime Minister and set the vote for Wednesday, the day in which the succession at the helm of the government could be resolved, after Steffan Lofven’s departure.

Lofven decided to step down to defuse constant political tension and prevent her party from splitting up before the September 2022 elections. A move that has already led Andersson to be elected head of the Social Democratic Party. The relay, however, is not yet complete. Andersson, called to be the first woman to lead the government of Sweden, will have to convince Parliament. In any case, you will only need to receive one at the Riksdag simple majority of votes.

President Norlen’s office confirmed in a statement that the vote will take place on Wednesday at 9 and that, if the candidacy is approved, the change of government will take place on Friday. Andersson aspires to follow Lofven’s example and integrate the Green Party into the government. However, the current coalition controls about a third of the seats, so the final outcome of the vote will depend on other outside allies.