Sweden, Finland and NATO cancel negotiations with Turkey

At the request of Ankara

Negotiations between the Sweden, Finland and Turkey for the accession of the two Nordic countries to NATO. This was reported by the broadcaster Ria Novosti, explaining that the suspension took place at the request of Turkey.

Tomorrow the deputy secretary general of NATO, Mircea Geoana, will receive Swedish defense minister Pal Jonson in Brussels according to reports from the Atlantic Alliance. At the center of the conversation is Stockholm’s accession to NATO, which Turkey continues to oppose.

This morning, the secretary general of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, speaking at the NATO parliamentary assembly in Madrid, broadcast in streaming, said that the “time has come to conclude the ratification process” of Sweden’s accession to NATO and Finland. Stockholm and Helsinki, he argued, must “commit to a long-term partnership with NATO and Turkey on the fight against terrorism.” Previously it was the Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Olavi himself who argued that Finland should consider continuing its NATO accession process even without Sweden.