Sweden proposes that Switzerland reach an agreement to avoid being exchanged

Tourism organization Visit Sweden says Sweden and Switzerland are too often confused around the world. To take action, the organization has launched a joking advertising campaign to clarify matters and in which it proposes that Switzerland help clarify the difference between the two nations once and for all. But Switzerland Tourism reacts without getting upset and defines the Confederation as unmistakable.

An ironic video

“Welcome to Sweden (not Switzerland)” is the title of the video which underlines how both are beautiful countries and have the same initials. But that’s where the similarities end. Swedes are concerned about a recent survey conducted in the United States by the same tourism board which found that half of those questioned were unsure whether there was really a difference between the two states. On the other hand, President Joe Biden himself, last year, had mistakenly announced Swiss (rather than Swedish) intention to join NATO.

Different lifestyles

In the Visit Sweden video, a woman dressed in an apparently official manner is seen addressing Swiss men and women in front of two Swedish flags and proposing a treaty in which each country focuses on its own primary competences. And here the Swiss sing yodels on their beautiful mountains, while a profound silence reigns in the majestic Swedish nature. And while in Sweden we forget about the passing of time, Switzerland builds luxury watches.

Switzerland’s reply

When asked by Keystone-ATS, Switzerland Tourism says guests will not confuse Switzerland with similarly named destinations or other Alpine states. For reasons of principle, the organization does not comment on the advertising activities of other tourism organizations, but appreciates advertisements that rely on humour. Visit Sweden says for its part that it will contact its Swiss colleagues. Sweden doesn’t mind being confused with Switzerland from time to time. Sometimes, however, it is worth clarifying, she concludes.