Sweden, yes of the Supreme Court to the burning of the Koran

The Swedish Supreme Court has overturned the police decision to ban the burning of the Koran: the Court itself announced it. In February, police rejected a new request to burn a copy of the Koran outside the Iraqi embassy in Stockholm. The police “did not have a sufficient basis for their decision”, explained the Court in a statement, considering that the threats invoked by the police to ban the announced book burnings in front of the Turkish and Iraqi embassies were not “sufficiently concrete or linked to the events in question”.

The arrests

Swedish secret services have announced the arrest of five people suspected of preparing a “terrorist act” in Sweden in retaliation for a copy of the Koran recently set on fire by a right-wing extremist. “International ties to violent Islamic extremism” are suspected, the Säpo, the national intelligence service, said, adding that “an attack is not considered imminent”. In January, a far-right activist burned a copy of the Koran at a demonstration near the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, an act that sparked sharp reactions across the Muslim world. The coordinated arrests took place this morning in the cities of Eskilstuna, Linköping and Strängnäs, all within a 200-kilometre radius of Stockholm.