Swimming champion but not only, what is Federica Pellegrini’s educational qualification?

The Italian swimming champion is beloved and very popular, but do you know everything about her? What is Federica Pellegrini’s educational qualification

On air this early afternoon on Canale 5, a new episode of Verissimo which will host the wonderful Federica Pellegrini. From the previews of what we will see today we learned that the swimming champion has announced the wedding date that will see her and her boyfriend Matteo Giunta convene to Yes.

What is Federica Pellegrini’s educational qualification? You would never have said it (Credits: Instagram)

Sport has accompanied Federica Pellegrini from an early age, swimming has always been her passion and in the pool she has been able to demonstrate her great talent, reaching silver and gold titles and medals. In Olympic competitions, Federica Pellegrini always gave her all until she decided that 2021 would be her last race and she retired from the scene after the last swimming competition at the Tokyo Olympics.

Although sport is still part of her life, today Federica Pellegrini leads a certainly different life. Today she says she is very happy and she lives a magical moment with her partner. Preparations are underway for the big day, the wedding is not that far away.

We have known Federica Pellegrini for his priceless talent, but what do we know more about his private life? For example, what is the educational qualification of the former Olympic swimmer? Many have wondered, so let’s discover something more.

Federica Pellegrini, the qualification of the swimming champion

Swimming has always been Federica Pellegrini’s first great passion. She was very small at the age of 7 she already knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her first Olympic medal came in 2004, setting the record for the youngest swimmer and winner. From that moment on, Federica Pellegrini’s success begins to grow, and she becomes a real talent! But how did you manage to combine study and sport?

A sport that has effectively become a job for the splendid Federica who has won exemplary titles and victories! As for the study, everyone wonders, that tdegree of study has Federica Pellegrini?

federica pellegrini educational qualification
Credits: Instagram

Although the former Olympic swimmer is rather reserved in her private life, we know that Federica Pellegrini has certainly earned her diploma. With commitment and dedication, the then teenager Federica Pellegrini managed to match the study with the hard training that prepared her for swimming competitions.