Switcho, the app to save on recurring expenses

Saving money is a bit like going on a diet: a goal that we set ourselves every week, to postpone it to the next. Switcho is an app, for Android and iOS, which tries to help us to be constant and, above all, to spend less on our users.

Identify recurring expenses

“Compared to the tools of personal finance present on the market – explains the co-founder Marco Tricarico – we are the only service that connects the single item in the current account to the savings item, completely connected in the app. Compared to comparators, we distinguish ourselves because we ensure a service of switch entirely digital without a call center “. The app is therefore securely connected to our current account and identifies recurring expenses, such as those for electricity, gas, internet and telephony.

The new Switcho app

Born as a site, Switcho has recently released its app. “We have added important functions such as the connection to current accounts – adds the other co-founder Francesco Laffi – which allows you to discover your expenses on which you can act with savings shares end-to-end. It also allows you to monitor your personal and family finances, through statistics, the aggregate balance of your accounts and categorized transactions “. These categories make up a monthly budget, on the basis of which Switcho offers personalized savings opportunities, for example by comparing the offers we subscribe to with others on the market.

Change only if it is convenient

“Right from the start we wanted to focus on three key values ​​- concludes Tricarico -: simplicity, reliability and transparency: if it is not convenient to change, we will tell you clearly”. The bureaucratic process for the change of manager, expenses included, is taken over by the platform. There are 40,000, 4,000 users every month who have relied on this start-up. In 2020, the turnover was 150 thousand euros: a goal already achieved in the first four months of 2021.