Switzerland, 2 km long passenger train, world record

The convoy of 100 wagons tackled a challenging 25 km route in the Grisons mountains

Record in Switzerland of the longest passenger train in the world, almost 2 km. A train made up of 25 multiple Capricorn units, with 100 carriages that together have reached the “endless” length of 1,910 meterstraveled the 25 kilometers between Preda and Alvaneu in the Swiss canton of Grisons on the mountain section included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The record-breaking race took the train on a challenging alpine route. During the approximately 45 minutes of descent, the vertical drop reached almost 800 meters, two helical tunnels were crossed and the famous Landwasser viaduct, a breathtaking stone bridge over a gorge.. The record-breaking composition, weighing 3000 tons, was led by seven train drivers, while on board were also 21 technicians, as well as 150 guests. The Rhaetian Railway also set up a party area in Berguen for a further 3,000 people, who watched the event via streaming.

The occasion for the world record attempt is the 175th anniversary of the Swiss railways, which is celebrated in 2022. According to the director of the Rhaetian Railway Renato Fasciati, the company wanted to carry out a pioneering undertaking precisely to celebrate the anniversary. The event aimed to draw attention to Graubünden and the whole of Switzerland by promoting tourism. Now that the effort has been successful, the Rhaetian Railway will find a place in the Guinness Book of Records.