Switzerland, Christmas decoration collapses in shopping center. Six wounded women

In Switzerland, six women were injured in the Mythen shopping center in Ibach, in the Canton of Schwyz after a Christmas decoration collapsed from the ceiling for about ten meters. The mall was evacuated. The six women, aged 17 to 57, were taken to hospital and two, a 23-year-old and a 26-year-old, are reportedly in serious condition.

The accident

It was just after 2 pm when, in the lobby of the Mythen Center shopping mall in Ibach, a large metal structure installed to hang Christmas decorations would come off the ceiling and hit several people. A large deployment of firefighters, police and rescuers rushed to the scene. The people present in the various shops were evacuated and the Mythen Center closed as a precaution.

The details

In the evening, a statement from the cantonal police of Schwyz specified that the decorations collapsed from a height of about ten meters and that the six wounded were all women. The causes of the accident are not known at the moment. The news was published on the website of the local newspaper “Bote der Urschweiz” and later confirmed by a spokesperson at the Keystone-ATS agency.