Switzerland, man changes sex to avoid military service

In Switzerland, a 23-year-old decided to officially change his sex to avoid military service. A year ago, the young man chose to become a girl, but only on paper. To do this, she took advantage of a simplification of the procedure to be followed to change gender in the marital status, introduced in 2022. And so she will not wear army uniforms but will fully devote herself to the professional university.

“Two minutes later I was a woman”

The case in Switzerland has raised a number of debates regarding gender reassignment and military service. According to reports from the Sonntagszeitung, the boy told how an official, in just two minutes, transformed him from a man to a woman, without asking any questions about his desire for sex change or his gender identity. “They let me into the meeting room: two minutes later I was a woman“.

An economic question

The young man stressed that during the meeting he was not questioned about his choice or when he identified himself as a woman. He went to the registry office wearing his usual clothes and speaking in her normal voice. She simply filled out a form with her “new” name, but chose to keep her male first name. Furthermore, he asked the official if the gender reassignment could be reversed in the future, obtaining a positive confirmation. The main reason seems to be economic. Sex change costs only 75 francs, while getting exempt from military service can involve much higher costs.