Sydney, girl “adopts” poisonous spider found in the house: I named him Larry

An incredible story comes from Australia. As it reports The messenger, a girl found a poisonous spider on her bed. Out of fear she was unable to send him away and so she thought of “adopting” him as a pet. “My Larry is a very friendly animal,” said Jaeden Leves, from Sydney, Australia, the protagonist of the unusual “friendship” first told on social media and then relaunched by the British tabloids.

The story

The girl shared her story on TikTok, where a video went viral with over 730,000 views and 40,000 likes. The clip shows Larry climbing up Jaeden’s bedroom wall, showing off his long, hairy legs and thick body. “I’ve had a lot of comments from people saying how truly terrified they were of him,” she said. and supportive. He’s the friendliest spider on the planet, he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, he usually runs away from people.”