Syria, 15 dead in Israeli raid on Damascus

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights denounces it. Iran: ‘They inflict pain on grieving people’

The Israeli Air Force would conduct a attack on various areas of Damascusincluding a residential district, causing the death of 15 people and the wounding of many others. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights denounces it, while official sources speak of five victims. According to the London-based NGO, bases used by Iranian militias and Hezbollah would have been hit.

“At 0.22 today the Israeli enemy conducted a rocket attack from the occupied Syrian Golan against Damascus and its suburbs, including residential neighborhoods where civilians live – accused a Syrian military source quoted by the Sana news agency – Our anti-aircraft defenses have intercepted and shot down most of the missiles”.

According to the source, a soldier is among the victims. Damascus television showed pictures of destroyed buildings and revealed that it would be the Iranian militia headquarters were also hit in the Syrian capital.

and fromIran came the outrage of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Nasser Kanaani according to whom while Syria suffers the serious consequences of the devastating earthquake two weeks ago these attacks “inflict even more pain and agony on a mourning people”.

“The fact that these new attacks of the Zionist regime have occurred simultaneously with attacks by the Islamic State terrorist group against the Syrian nation once again reveals the link and coordination between the two entities terrorist attacks”, added Kanaani, quoted by the official Iranian news agency Irna. The spokesman then condemned the “shameful silence” of Western countries in the face of the repeated violations of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria by the “Zionist regime “.