Sziget Festival, the French Saints: “The response was frightening”

THE Saints French they performed on stage at the Light Stage of the Sziget Festival. The international debut of Alessandro and Mario got a great response from those present. The duo also offered their latest single Boredom.

French saints, the first big step abroad

An important milestone in the ever-growing career of the French Saints. After winning The X Factor, Alexander And Mario have strengthened their role in the music scene, resulting in one of the freshest and most courageous novelties on the scene. On Tuesday 15th August the couple trod the Light Stage for their first concert beyond the Italian borders.

The response from those present was extraordinary, in fact on the third song the audience ran wild in front of the stage. Once they got off, we interviewed them, collecting their emotions immediately.

How did it go?

Alexander: It went very well, for both of us it was the first time outside of Italy. The response was frightening, very different from what is often seen in Italy. They are all super enthusiastic, they want to have fun and love each other.

An almost faster response than the one in Italy

Alexander: In addition to faster, I would also say less technological. Going around the Festival you see few mobile phones, there isn’t much interaction of this type. On the third song they all immediately came under the stage, it’s never been easier.

Mario: The fact that Sziget lasts six days makes everyone enthusiastic.

A song that you would never remove from the set list?

Alexander: I feel like saying the third of the lineup, that is Throw me downthe one that helped us move the audience today and one of the ones I personally enjoy the most.

Mario: As for the covers too I love youin my opinion it will stay for quite a long time because it is nice to play it.

There was a lot of involvement

Alexander: Also the fact that the stage wasn’t huge meant that people were a meter away, so even more beautiful.

Mario: Very beautiful.

Among the songs presented also the latest single Boredom

Alexander: Boredom it was born because we decided to talk about what was happening to us, i.e. hours of silence in a continuous loop. We wanted to talk about boredom and bring it back into vogue because it could allow many things to be understood.

In recent years you have been the protagonists of continuous evolution, what would you say to you three years ago?

Alexander: As you said, there has been a natural evolution, step by step, so I wouldn’t tell myself anything, but if I could go back perhaps I would avoid wasting time tying myself to situations that could hold me back, so I would try to be as free as possible!

What about future you?

Alexander: To continue to implement the ability to be able to say no and to try to keep this vein of ours a little more introspective.