Taiwan, 30 Chinese fighters foray into airspace

The tension between China and the United States is high. In response to the surprise visit of US Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth to Taipei, China immediately launched a maxi military exercise on Taiwan. Beijing has sent thirty aircraft, including 22 fighters, into the island’s Defense airspace. This is the most massive raid since January 23. The arrival of the US senator on the island aims to strengthen US defenses and Taiwan’s intelligence in the face of the threat from China which considers the island an integral part of its territory, destined for “reunification” with Beijing, and opposes any form of contact between Taiwan and the United States, Taipei’s biggest supporter internationally. “China has protested to the US and expressed its strong dissatisfaction,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian. Beijing, the spokesman added, “will continue to take effective measures to resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and integrity. territorial”.

China: The atmosphere with the United States is very abnormal

The Taiwan issue is deteriorating relations between China and the United States “to the point of undermining peace in the Strait” pointed out the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi. “The current atmosphere of China-US relations is very abnormal. ‘extreme anxiety on the part of the United States is completely superfluous “said Wang from Tonga.” If the United States blindly defines Sino-US relations with competition between great powers, “he added,” it will push China and the United States into confrontation and to conflict and they will push the world to division and turmoil. “Tensions flared up again when US President Joe Biden from Tokyo said the US was ready to intervene to defend Taiwan in the event of an attack from China.