Taiwan: “China means beyond midline of the Strait”

Today second day of maxi military maneuvers around the island. Beijing convenes ambassador for Japan

For the second consecutive day Chinese vehicles participating in the maxi military maneuvers around Taiwan “have crossed the median line” of demarcation in the Strait. This was confirmed by the Taipei Defense Ministry, according to which “various planes and ships of the People’s Liberation Army have been identified participating in the maneuvers around the Taiwan Strait and have crossed the midline”. Beijing considers Taiwan, de facto independent, a “rebellious province”.

Taiwan will not be the last piece of China’s expansionist dream, “said the island’s foreign minister, Joseph Wu. In an interview with the BBC, Wu urged “the international community and the countries of the region” to “be careful about what China is trying to do” and repeated the commitment of the de facto independent island to maintain “status. quo “, affirming that” it has the keys to economic development, particularly in the high tech sector “and reiterating how strategic the global chip factory is.

Wu accused the Asian giant – irritated by Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei – of what he considers a “highly provocative behavior”, which “threatens peace and stability in the region”, with repercussions of the maxi military maneuvers on “trade and transport. international “.

Taipei condemns the “blockade” of the seas around Taiwan. And Wu praised Pelosi’s visit of less than 24 hours because – he said – for “leaders” like her “it is very significant to have the opportunity to visit Taiwan” to “raise her profile” and “allow the international community to understand that it is a democracy “. And, according to Wu, “many have begun to think that Taiwan cannot be afforded to be occupied by China” because “today every important machine or product needs chips” and “they come from Taiwan”. And, she concluded, “without this industry the international economy will suffer”.

Meanwhile, irritated by Japan’s criticism of Chinese maneuvers around Taiwan in the framework of the G7, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has summoned the Japanese ambassador. The ministry announced today that the diplomat has been given a formal protest. The day before, the ambassadors of the G7 countries and the representatives of the EU were also summoned.

The G7 expressed concern in a statement by foreign ministers, stressing that there is no reason to use the visit of a US politician as a pretext for “aggressive military activity”.

The news of the summoning of the Tokyo ambassador to Beijing by the Chinese foreign ministry comes after Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida – who met Nancy Pelosi, on his last leg of the tour in Asia – confirmed the request for an “immediate stop. to Chinese military exercises around Taiwan.

“China’s behavior – said Kishida in statements reported by the Kyodo agency – has a serious impact on the peace and stability of the region and the world”.

Yoshimasa Hayashi, Tokyo’s foreign minister, called for an ” immediate stop ” to the maxi Chinese military maneuvers yesterday.