Taiwan, China’s military exercises continue. Biden: “Worried”

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The military exercises of the Chinese army around the island of Taiwan do not stop: the Eastern Theater Command of the People’s Liberation Army has announced that military maneuvers continue even today in the sea and in the airspace around Taiwan, “concentrating on the organization of joint anti-submarine and maritime assault operations “. Exercises that for Beijing “are not only a warning to provocateurs, but also a legitimate move to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity”. A very tense situation, which has led US President Joe Biden to define himself as “worried about how China is moving”.

Taiwan defense: 13 ships and 39 aircraft detected in the region

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said it had revealed a total of 13 Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) ships and 39 aircraft “in the surrounding region”. The Taipei military “monitored the situation and responded to these activities by sending airplanes, military ships and activating ground missile systems. Among the fighters, 21 (including eight SU-30s and six J-11s)” flew to the east of the midline of the Taiwan Strait and in the southwestern area of ​​the defense airspace. “Beijing had initially indicated a period of maneuvers from August 4 to 7 in response to the visit to Taipei of the American speaker Nancy Pelosi.

China: “New warning exercises for provocateurs”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, speaking of the continuation of maneuvers in the area, said that China “conducts normal military exercises” around Taiwan, which is “Chinese territory”, and has the right to operate in the waters that ” surround its territory “. “They are open, transparent and professional. The relevant departments have also issued a timely announcement, in line with domestic law, international law and practice: they are not only a warning for provocateurs, but also a legitimate move to protect sovereignty. national and territorial integrity “.

China: “Right stop to military communication with the US”

For Beijing, the tension in the Taiwan Strait “was caused by the United States” which “must take full responsibility and the serious consequences for all this”. Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said in a statement that Beijing’s countermeasures, “including the cancellation of military dialogue at the theater commanders level, are justified and correct”, regarding what was reported by the American media. to which the US military leaders have called their Chinese counterparts several times in recent days without receiving a response.

Taiwan condemns China’s extension of military maneuvers

Meanwhile, Taiwan – at the center of international tension after the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – has criticized China for conducting exercises in the airspace and waters around the island, when Beijing has just renewed its willingness to continue its maneuvers. in retaliation. “The Foreign Ministry firmly condemns China’s decision to extend military exercises: China’s provocation and aggression have damaged the status quo of the Taiwan Strait and raised tensions in the region,” the ministry said in a statement.

Taiwan: fight against fake news

The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense also assured that its armed forces will continue to monitor the situation around the Taiwan Strait closely and respond with patrols between aircraft, military ships and missile systems. The ministry, in a briefing, spoke of the need to train troops more regularly, as well as to start a fight against psychological warfare. According to the National Army, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched an information offensive even before the military exercises: 272 controversial messages and fake news were detected from 1 to 8 August.

Biden, worried about China’s movements

And the president of the United States, Joe Biden, also spoke of the tension around the island: “I am not worried” about Taiwan “but I am worried about all these movements that the Chinese are making”, explained. In any case, “I don’t think (the Chinese, ed) will go any further”.