Taiwan, Pelosi: “Here in peace, we will not abandon you”

The words of the speaker of the US House of Representatives after his arrival on the island. Wrath of China

“Today our delegation is in Taiwan to make it clear that we will not abandon our commitment to Taiwan and that we are proud of our lasting friendship.” This was stated by Nancy Pelosi, alongside her the president of the island, Tsai Ing-wen, after the anger of Beijing for the visit of the speaker of the US House of Representatives on the island considered by China to be a “rebel province” by ” reunify “. She said this after underlining, during a previous stage of her visit to parliament, that hers is a mission – the first visit at such a high level in 25 years – “in friendship with Taiwan” and “in peace in the region” .

“Now, more than ever, America’s solidarity with Taiwan is fundamental. And this is the message we bring today”, he added in the statements reported by CNN after the face to face with the president of the island. In Taiwan’s parliament, Pelosi described the island as one of the “freest societies in the world” recalling her visit to Tiananmen Square in 1991 two years after the massacre.