Taiwan to China: “Respect election results”. US delegation in Taipei today, angered by Beijing

The Foreign Minister: “Beijing accepts reality, it is ridiculous that it dismisses the result as an internal affair”

Beijing must “face reality” and respect the results of the elections in Taiwan, which saw the success of the candidate of the Democratic Progressive Party, William Lai, with 40.2% of the votes. This is the warning that comes from the Taipei Foreign Ministry after a Beijing official defined issues related to Taiwan as China’s “internal affair”.

In a press release, the Foreign Ministry noted that Taiwan’s 12 diplomatic allies and the governments or parliaments of more than 50 countries congratulated each other following the January 13 presidential and legislative elections. Despite this, he added, a spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement in which he “ridiculously” referred to the election and all issues related to Taiwan as China’s “internal affair.”

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry then urged Beijing to “respect” the election results, adding that China’s position ran counter to international consensus and the status quo in the region. “China – the note concludes – must face reality and abandon its efforts to put pressure on Taiwan” if the parties want to resume positive interactions and for cross-Strait relations to return to the right path.

Unofficial US delegation in Taipei

Meanwhile, an unofficial US delegation is expected to arrive in Taiwan today. This was confirmed by the ‘de-facto’ US embassy in Taipei. Tomorrow, the delegation sent by President Joe Biden’s administration will hold talks with “a number of senior political figures,” the American Institute in Taiwan said in a statement.

According to five people familiar with the plans cited by the Financial Times, the White House has tapped former Democratic deputy secretary of state James Steinberg and former Republican national security adviser Stephen Hadley to lead the bipartisan delegation .

Beijing’s anger: “Red line must not be crossed”

“The US State Department’s statement on the elections in China’s Taiwan region seriously violates the principle of ‘one China’, the three China-US joint communiques, and goes against the political commitment of the United States to maintain only cultural, commercial relations and unofficial with the Taiwan region. Also send a Seriously wrong signal to separatist forces for ‘Taiwan independence’. We strongly deplore and firmly oppose this, and have made serious representations to the US side.” A spokesperson for Beijing’s Foreign Ministry said this in a statement on the day of the arrival of an unofficial US delegation in Taipei.

“The Taiwan issue is at the center of China’s fundamental interests and the first red line that must not be crossed in China-US relations”, the spokesperson specified, underlining that “the one-China principle is a fundamental norm in relations international relations and the political foundation of China-US relations. China strongly opposes the United States having any form of official interaction with Taiwan and interfering in Taiwan’s affairs in any way and under any pretext.”