Tajani: “We are working on a truce between the two sides in Sudan”

“The situation of the Italians living in Khartoum is very complicated. We are working on all the initiatives that can lead to a ceasefire and a lasting truce between the parties in conflict”. These, while fighting between the army and paramilitaries continues in Sudan and the situation in the capital is still dangerous, the words of the foreign minister, Antonio Tajani, in an interview granted to Qn.

The two sides in conflict

The fear, continued Tajani, “is that the two parties in conflict for control of power in Sudan have no intention of sitting down at a table”, while the hope, at this moment, is “that the large infrastructures will not be destroyed which are useful to the people of Sudan. And consequently that the two factions of the military junta that are fighting do not harm the Sudanese people”.

The reconstruction of Ukraine

In the same interview, then, the foreign minister mentioned the situation in Ukraine, a country, he said, “that will be part of the European Union, of the internal market and that Italy is already helping in many ways. We want to be protagonists, together with many Ukrainian interlocutors, also in the reconstruction phase to design a new future”.