Tajani: “Worried about Italian hostages in Gaza and northern Israel”

Antonio Tajani, deputy prime minister and foreign minister, said he was worried “about the hostages, the 19 Italians in Gaza and the numerous Italian families in northern Israel”, on the border with Lebanon. Now “the first concern is to free the hostages, there are also two Italian-Israelis. Then there are a group of 19 Italians south of Gaza, who we hope to be able to get out as soon as possible”, added the minister interviewed during the program In half an hour on Rai Tre (THE SPECIAL ON THE WAR BETWEEN ISRAEL AND HAMAS – WHAT IS HAMAS – THE CAUSES OF THE CONFLICT – THE HISTORICAL REASONS – WHAT IS HEZBOLLAH – WHAT ARE THE KIBBUTZ).

“Very High Voltage”

Tajani explained that “there is a situation of great tension in northern Israel. Some villages will have to be evacuated and there are also numerous Italian families here”. The minister also stated that “so far there have been skirmishes, escalation must be avoided.” However, the situation is “very high tension” and as Italy “we are working to avoid an escalation, a widening of the conflict to Lebanon and Iran”. The minister then added that “we brought a message of peace to everyone, including Israel”, trying to be “the bridge between the Arab, Jewish and Christian world”. On the hypothesis of terrorist attacks also in Italy, the Government “is acting firmly but without panic. We have suspended the Schengen treaty with Slovenia. The police are monitoring the situation”.

“Contacts with Qatar against escalation with Hezbollah”

In northern Israel “the situation is tied by a thread and it is important that it not break. Qatar is working and we are in continuous contact. The Italian government is playing a leading role because we are in contact with all the interlocutors to explain what it is our position,” Tajani said.