Take a breath before knowing how much Pampita charges for being present at events in Punta del Este

The Argentine model, pampita, ex wife of Benjamin Vicuna, She was always one of the best valued models for events and presences in all of Latin America, due to her beauty and her friendliness, every summer she conquered tourist places. However, now she is not the most top, and still she charges a fortune.

To the surprise of many, in Argentina, the new model that rose to the status of pampita is Wanda Nara, the wife of soccer player Mauro Icardi. “Socios del Espectáculo” an Argentine program, showed what the cachet costs were, as the pay for attendances is known, for the most famous models in the top destination of Punta de Este.

It is on these dates that models like pampitaThey work a lot, because it is a time when they earn a lot of money. Although Pampita is one of the most requested, for each of the presences Wanda Nara charges double. So it was that in the Argentine gossip program they made a comparison that says it all. Although talking about figures is always a sensitive issue, a parameter was established: “Two Pampitas are one Wanda. And four Camila Homs and one Zaira are one Wanda”.

This means that currently, Wanda Nara is the one who charges the highest amount per presentation, then she would continue pampita in approximation with Zaira, and lastly would come Camila Homs, Rodrigo de Paul’s ex, who is experiencing a media scandal after their separation and where Tini was involved in that love triangle.

“Pampita recently separated from Benjamin Vicuna and Pico Monaco were the years that received the most. Today it is not charging what it was charging before. He charges a third of what he charged at those times when he was boiling, ”said panelist Paula Varela. As well as now Wanda is conducting events. “The organizers, those who paid $10,000, told me that Wanda became infatuated and told them ‘I’m present, but I want to drive,’” said one of Argentina’s most famous journalists, Ángel de Brito. Precisely in this turn she coincided with Pampita and although it was not possible to know how much the hostess of the Hotel de los Famosos (eltrece) received, it is believed that it was a close figure.