Take a breath before learning how Vale Roth revealed the sex of her baby

The dancer and influencer ok roth The 31-year-old is very active on social networks where she accumulates more than 800,000 followers from all latitudes who are aware of her movements. Since she announced her pregnancy, the brunette has not stopped sharing every moment with her fans.

Coinciding with Christmas, ok roth He found out with his family and that of his partner Miguel de la Fuente, the sex of the baby he is expecting. For this, she organized “Gender Party” that is gaining more and more popularity and surrounded by her loved ones, she received the good news that she later published online.

The “Gender Parties” are creative events in which the pregnant woman says the sex of the baby on the way, but in the case of ok roth, he knew it simultaneously to the rest. In the clip that she shared on social networks, you can see how she and her partner have cans in their hands that, when opened, will emit pink or light blue smoke, as appropriate.

Okay Roth and his partner. Source: Terra archive

ok roth It was surrounded by a huge set of pink and light blue balloons in the middle of a large park. “We are about to find out if she is a man or a woman, she won a man by far,” the dancer commented in the clip, but when she opened the can the smoke was pink and she exclaimed: “She’s a girl!”

immediately the fans of ok roth They filled the publication with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments where they send the best wishes and congratulations to her and her partner Miguel de la Fuente in this new phase of their lives. Now all that remains is to know what name they will give it.